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Apparently from this definition, the license is necessary for obtaining permission to occupation by a certain kind of activity. The first arising simplest conclusion - this kind of activity is unusual and especially important if it was decided to allocate it from some other spheres of business the special work permit in which is not required. Assuming this conclusion as a basis, I tried to go slightly further and to distinguish from the kinds of activity which are subject to licensing, the most important in macroeconomic sense. That is I tried to choose "the best of the best". Such kinds of activity I counted three:

Inventories are given below, export and which import is carried out on the basis of the license of these bodies, and also the regulations regulating import and export of goods and an order of obtaining the license for implementation of these operations.

Activities for the organization of trade in securities - rendering of services, the transactions with securities promoting the conclusion between professional participants of securities market including activity of stock exchanges