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4 tips to williams syndrome

In a phase of the beginning of blossoming loss of a large amount of rainfall was observed and temperature was above average long-term data (18,5 ° C on average in a decade). This phase is critical, and sufficient humidity defines productivity of tubers. But in the next decades weather conditions developed not absolutely favorably. So, in the first half of July and until the end of a month reduction of an amount of precipitation negatively influenced growth and development of potatoes.

Cultivation in economy summer grain, and is barley and oats, it is the most favorable since these cultures are less whimsical in the course of cultivation. And also practically everything that this grain and the collateral production used in branch of animal husbandry is connected with barley.

Similar dependence remained and on the second background, though increases on collecting starch to control below, than on the first background. Higher collecting starch is received in option with mineral and organo-mineral systems of fertilizers, respectively, 25,23 and 24,91 c/hectare, and lower - on organic system of fertilizers - 24,05 c/hectare.