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Analysis philosophical, social, loony-ped. gave literatures: the modern theory defines essence of self-updating of the personality, proceeding from idea of the self-movement, self-development which open sense of internal change of object under influence and external factors.

Outright did not tell some pies about the teacher, and set a task of education not of the physician, and education of the person (a task of the teacher and parent). Makarenko, Krupskaya, Shatsky, Blonsky (Marxism as decision method. tasks).

Self-updating of the teacher in his prof. D is defined by D. Samoaktualization's maintenance can osushch-sya as spontaneous process (unconsciously), but it and the operated process (awareness by the subject of the properties and ways of its self-updating).

That there was the teacher's profession, had to arise. institute - school. The first schools - whether in Other Egypt. The teacher's profession appears in Other Greece. School of a grammatist (kifarist (Palestra (Efibiya (Academy (. The first professional teacher Mark Fiby Kvintilian (Roman) is considered:

The analysis of the prof. of self-updating of these features => to open mechanisms of regulation of the prof. D. Oblast of realization of specific features of research with influence of concrete types the prof. D on self-manifestations of the teacher.

It is possible to assume that process of training of the teacher for self-updating can be significantly improved if the accounting of interdependence of the regulating influence the requirement D on the prof. self-development and the regulating influence of specific features on his prof. D is his basis.

At controllability it is possible to speak about D since there are its components (the purpose, motives, process of achievement of the purpose, result). Here self-updating - special specific D teachers on awareness of own professionally significant personal features, their manifestation in. D. Samoaktualization of the teacher was studied in MPGU in 2 parties:

Self-updating is caused by process of transition potential in actual, from other party - interaction of the person with world around. Internal process is reflected in social functioning of the personality. Self-updating always an intentsionalna (in various relations of the personality).

independent learning in the course of passing. practicians. It was approved on a nachfaka (a special course "Samoaktualization of the teacher" and as through problems. Are opened and proved the loony-ped of a condition of ensuring self-updating: