The Key To Answer Tell Me About Yourself

I tried to do key word transformation questions

— compensatory function — creation of additional conditions for creative development and self-realization of the personality, a social and positive exit of unrealized energy by inclusion of the person in different types of welfare activity. Realization of this function assumes possession of the social teacher of different types of welfare creativity, use of social and pedagogical potential of different types and genres of art;

— prevention function, i.e. preventions, elimination or minimization of the social factors causing the deviating behavior forms by means of impact on the social environment, modification of social norms and values of an environment;

Character of problems defines not only problems of social pedagogics, but also object of pedagogical design and regulation. Him is not so much the personality — the carrier of problems, how many her social environment which in the course of social and pedagogical influence has to change essentially because to find the status, authority to feel the personal importance and emotional support of people can only in case the relation changes to it from significant others. Therefore, the essence of social pedagogics is not reduced to the socialization mechanism, moreover, it has as if an opposite vector of efforts — not to "connect" the child to society, and on the contrary, society "to approach" to the personality, to make it more gumanistichny, comfortable (sensitive, supporting, recognizing, listening, estimating).

Information and methodical providing program (information, advertizing, publishing, presentations of projects and programs, etc.). Here can be the innovative leader: ROMTs, Center of culture and informatics).

The welfare sphere as object of design includes as it was shown above, a wide range of the phenomena, processes and institutes relating by the nature, functions and other parameters or to the sphere mainly "social" or — "cultural". The prevailing orientation of the developed projects to the solution of social or cultural problems in many respects defines specifics of design activity.