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Let's analyse summary parametrical indexes. We will make the analysis of competitiveness on three greatest indicators of summary parametrical indexes. The greatest value of a technological parametrical index is the share of parameter - a coloring (3,5, of parameter - a type of material (1,3 and of parameter - a type of blinds (1, I.e. blinds of firm 1 are competitive in three earlier called technological parameters.

This segmentation helps to find to our firm the site of the market on which it can prove in the best way. Having the detailed characteristic of clients we know that they need to offer, at what price what to choose advertizing and a way of delivery. Segmentation increases our chances to foresee needs of our clients. Having found out what exactly wants the segment of the market chosen by us, we aim marketing of our firm at satisfaction of these requirements. As a result the position of firm in the market becomes stronger. But there is a shortcoming: segmentation does our business by more expensive because it is necessary to expand the range of the goods intended for different groups of consumers it attracts additional efforts and additional marketing costs.

The location of firms 2,3,4,5 is the center of Tyumen. The firm 1 settles down in the I-st residential district over the river. A site of firm 1 not successful as the most part of potential private clients lives in the central part of the city.

One more significant characteristic of the consumer - the social status. Following the results of the questioning which is carried out in the organizations and firms, the main consumers of blinds are owners and heads of the enterprises and leading experts - that is the people possessing rather high level of the income.

On the range of material, firms 1,2, A by types of the made blinds are the offered firms, as equals positions the firm 1 as it exposes 4 types of blinds on the consumer's choice is allocated: the vertical, horizontal, protective internal and protective external.