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Difficulties with sales of products and services are aggravated not only the becoming aggravated competition. There are new, nonconventional problems, in particular, energy, fuel and raw crises, the vital need of environment protection. The social and demographic condition of society changes, there is a revaluation of values among his members, their educational qualification grows, social movement which purpose is protection of the rights of the consumer gains strength. Producers should reconsider technical parameters of the goods, to create more economic and environmentally friendly designs and technologies.

The world market of advertizing is Wednesday in which in the conditions of the real competition the publicity promoting export of domestic goods and services is carried out. As a rule, specifics of this Wednesday not so much promote it, how many interfere. Therefore the knowledge of features, a state and tendencies of development of the world market of advertizing is obviously necessary first of all in order that in the external economic sphere advertizing campaigns rather professional and adequate to a marketing environment were prepared and carried out.

Changes in advertizing are explained by its high dynamism. It instantly reacts to the events occurring in the market and to some extent serves as their indicator. The reason that being part of the mechanism of the market relations, at any failures in its work advertizing is compelled to adapt to the created conditions, to change forms, to introduce amendments in the contents.

There are bases to assume that some long period of time and persistent work of specialists in advertizing that the domestic exporters which recently entered a foreign market realized importance of the analysis of efficiency of advertizing campaigns and quality of advertizing production will be required, made it regular, system, comprehensively coordinated to export activity.

Considering all aforesaid, it is possible to consider the reklamna proved a huge role in modern business, that without advertizing to any firm working at a domestic or foreign market not to achieve great success and that advertizing — process which needs to be studied carefully successfully to put it into practice. The structure of the world market becomes complicated and updated, and to the experts who are carrying out in it the publicity to have adequately to react to these changes.