From An Idea To Research

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The most generalizing and defining class is made by criteria of the overall social effectiveness of GU. On their basis coherence of society and GU and readiness of GU to ensuring dynamic and harmonious development of society is defined.

they carry out work which is expressed in justification of the purposes and the directions of social development, the concrete organization and regulation of public activity, consciousness, behavior and activity of millions of people;

GU as difficult social phenomenon mnogoelementno and mnogomerno. GU is subjective, it a fruit of thoughts and actions of people, on the other hand objectively, is filled with objectively necessary contents (the purposes and functions) and has objectively expedient forms (structure and process).

Criteria of efficiency represent signs, sides, the parties, manifestations of management by means of which analysis it is possible to determine the level and quality of management, its compliance to requirements and interests of society.