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On accessory: own (characterizes a total cost of the enterprise assets used by it for formation of part of its assets, this part of assets is created at the expense of own capital invested in them, represents net assets of the enterprises) and loan (the raised money or other values, financial obligations of the enterprise which are subject to repayment in certain terms).

The average remains of all capital and separate types of current assets pays off on the average chronological 1/2 sums for the beginning of the period plus the remains for the beginning of every month plus1/2 the rest for the end of the period and the result is divisible on number of months in the settlement period. Information is necessary for calculation of indicators of turnover is available in the balance sheet and the report on product sales.

In this quality first of all own capital of the enterprise characterizing the volume of its net assets acts. At the same time, the volume of the capital used by the enterprise characterizes at the same time and the potential of attraction of the borrowed financial means providing additional profit by it.

Ability of own capital to a samovozrostaniye characterizes by high rates the high level of formation and effective distribution of profit of the enterprise, its ability to support the financial. Balance at the expense of internal sources. In too time decrease in volume the capital is as a rule, a consequence of inefficient unprofitable activity.

On nature of use in. process: the working capital (is directly involved in formation of the income, ensuring operating, investment and financial activities) and idle. (an example of this look investment of capital in objects which are not used, production removed from productions is.

The management of dative of the enterprise deals with their many types and versions in the course of their classification. Their subordination to the uniform purposes and problems of management demands ensuring balance of dative of the enterprise for types, volumes, time intervals and another essential x-kam.

As well as each operating system, management of cash flows of the enterprise it has to be provided with necessary information base. Creation of such information base presents defined difficulties as the direct financial statements which is based on the uniform methodical principles of accounting are absent. Ensuring the principle of informative reliability is connected with implementation of difficult calculations which demand unification of methodical approaches.

It provides the necessary level of this welfare both in current, and in the perspective period. The part of the capital consumed in the current period leaves its structure, being directed on satisfaction of the current needs of his owners.

Dative of the enterprise are characterized by essential unevenness of receipt and an expenditure of money in a section of separate time intervals that leads to formation of considerable volumes of temporarily free monetary assets of the enterprise.

In the economic theory allocate three major factors of production providing. activity of the production enterprises capitals; earth and other natural resources; manpower. In system of these factors of production the capital possesses a priority role since it unites all factors in uniform industrial complex.

The concept a cash flow of the enterprise is aggregated, including numerous types of these streams serving this activity in the structure. For ensuring effective purposeful management of cash flows, they demand a certain classification:

In the course of the analysis it is necessary to study turnover of the capital not only in general, but also on circulation stages. It will allow to track, at what stages there was an acceleration or delay of turnover of the capital. For this purpose the average remains of separate types of the current assets need to be divided into a one-day turn.