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Except for the last component which has independent wide value as one of forms of the esthetic relation (taste) and is beyond reader's abilities as structures, other listed private abilities "work" at the level of perception of a form of the literary work or at the level of representations of imagination. Here obviously does not get ability to art generalization, to work "skhvatyvaniye" as whole, as art unity.

Respectively, the artistic (figurative) speech is the factor forming and improving many mental functions of the growing person (for example, the recreating imagination, observation, emotional and figurative memory and, of course, known qualities of thinking).

If the writer "chains" vital impressions in words, the reader makes to a certain extent a way back: he as if "unchains" these literary impressions and experiences, restoring their natural system in the consciousness. The is thinner he understands the figurative speech, the its associations are wider, the its representations, the deeper him figurative generalization are more live.

In essence, this ability connects the general development of the person with development special, with formation of private literary abilities. Dialectic communication of the general and special development needs to be meant, so far as concerns education and training of the school student. The high school on the whole trains not the writer, not the literary critic, not the literary critic (as all this is possible at the level of higher education), and the qualified and educated reader of fiction.

Development of the speech of the child, school student as the obligatory moment has to include perception and understanding of artistic speech as together with its development all new and new horizons of esthetic knowledge of reality open.

The term "perception" is used as designation of deeply substantial and broad process proceeding not only at a step of the abstract thinking seizing very wide sphere of mentality of the person here (on a row with thinking moral and esthetic senses, the recreating and creative imagination, logical and emotional memory, special abilities, etc.).

Here the main place is taken by perception of literary and art works as this cerebration is improved as a result of training at assimilation of the literature and fundamentals of literary criticism. As for actually literary creativity of pupils (school educational compositions of different types, reviews, reports, notes in the wall newspaper, etc.), it has the subordinated character and serves the general development, improvement of art perception and the speech of pupils.

Special abilities it not only the differentiated abilities which develop in the course of professional activity, but if it is possible so to speak, the abilities integrated, which are shown in quite extensive spheres of spiritual activity of the developing, growing person in the conditions of his training at comprehensive school. Therefore and clarification of the nature and structure of such general mental phenomena as the endowments which is shown in the leading forms of human activity is important.

In the course of reading and perception of fiction, enrichment of life experience, a stock of necessary knowledge ability to think of verbal artistic images develops and gets stronger at the reader.