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The light stream falling on a surface is partially reflected, absorbed or passed through the lit body. Therefore light properties of the lit surface are characterized by also following :

Uniform distribution of a under review is important for maintenance of a of the person. If under review constantly there are considerably differing on brightness (illumination), when transfer a look from eyes, bright on a surface, ­ to pereadaptirovatsya. readaptation conducts to a of exhaustion of sight and complicates performance of production.

The excessive blinding brightness (blestkost) - property ­ surfaces with the raised to violate conditions of sight, to worsen sensitivity or to at the same time both of these.

Degree of unevenness by coefficient - the relation of illumination to minimum. Than the accuracy of works is higher, the coefficient has to be that to a.

Local lighting for illumination of a working can also be stationary and figurative, for it glow lamps as luminescent lamps can cause stroboscopic ­ more often.

In production rooms are applied the general and local. The general - for lighting of all room, local (in a combined) - for a of illumination only of working surfaces or separate the equipment.