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From the economic point of view tourism has positive impact on other branches of a national economy, stimulates economic development of the territory, increases employment of local population. Tourism is the most environmentally friendly type of environmental management.

Mountain Altai shares on some areas: mayminsky, ongudaysky, choysky, ust-Kansk, shebalinsky, ulagansky, chemalsky, turachaksky, kosh-agachsky, ust-koksinsky. Each of areas has some features, and each area is in own way attractive.

To Artybash there come many "savages", especially for the weekend. As a rule, they pitch tents on "vertoletka", a huge airfield for helicopters on the edge of the settlement. Here local authorities by trucks deliver waste of sawing production. With firewood in the woods hardly, there is no dead wood or dead wood. Everything that sprouted, – grows, so here fertile places. That "savages" did not cut down the neighboring woods, the authorities grant them firewood. But it, perhaps, the only thing, except the beautiful highway that the authorities for the sake of vacationers do. All the rest in local tourism is developed by private traders. Therefore it is formed in the "wild", independent way.

At the present stage of development many economists (Kostyukova, Ivanov speak about transformation of tourism in independent branch, a services sector which has impact on work of trade, communications, municipal services, cultural institutions, health care, etc.

The essence of any phenomenon is reflected in its definition. Complexity of such social and economic phenomenon as tourism, is characterized by existence of a large number of definitions which are constantly finished and improved.

Usually locals lease rooms or the whole houses. But they are not pleasing to the eye. Recreation facilities in general make the depressing impression. There is no uniformity in "architecture". Build now in Artybashe much, but manually, of roughly otesanny logs. Such feeling that in general is not present decent carpenters in the settlement, without speaking about the architect and the more so about the general strategy of development. And only on the opposite coast of Lake Teletskoye – in the settlement of Iogach – we saw the accurate, beautifully worked complex from the two-storeyed house, a bath and a summer kitchen. It is a worthy example for imitation the Gorno-Altaysk businessmen. In Artybashe there are structures, decent from the point of view of materials. For example, one of recreation facilities made of the calibrated log. But it looks so coarsely and "provocatively" what to lodge in it – means to recognize at itself existence of bad taste. Generally, build in Artybashe ugly. Especially it is evident against surrounding natural magnificence.

Tourism joins in structure of such branches, as health care, physical culture, social security. It emphasizes an important role of active recreation in strengthening of health of the population, the statement of a healthy lifestyle.

As for foreign tourists, in the Altai region they meet, but is not frequent therefore it is necessary to make everything for involvement of foreign tourists. It is necessary to construct hotels of the international standard with high-quality service, to create the most interesting routes, to ensure high safety, etc.

Actually interest in Altai is as I believe, at many, and here opportunities at all different. Therefore someone can go to mountains according to the permit with accommodation in expensive hotel with high-quality service, and someone can, considering the low income, in general anywhere not to go.

On one of definitions tourism is a sport, i.e. the group campaign aiming – physical training of an organism. Also tourism is a type of the trips made for rest and self-education.

Than you know Altai better, than more you see and you understand it, the more often it is possible to compare these mountains to other beautiful mountain systems – the belief becomes stronger: Altai the Sayansk highland occupying the center of Asia – the unique natural and historical phenomenon. It is worthy that each having interest and opportunities to travel the monk of the planet Earth examined it.

Despite it tourism, now, continues to develop in our country. And in order that to us the foreign currency, for the most intensive development arrived, it is necessary to develop foreign tourism.